We Do This Every Day

Many months ago, Scott Woods and I finished a three-and-a-half-month countdown of our respec- tive 100 favourite songs on Facebook. It was as much fun for me as any writing project I've ever participated in. If you're reading this now, there's probably at least a 50/50 chance you were part of the group who kept track of what we were doing ("followers," in Facebook parlance, which makes me feel like I'm Jim Jones or somebody, so I think I'll pass on that designation) and know all about it already. But for anyone who wasn't, here's my Top 100 in four installments. If you want to access Scott's list, this might work, I don't know.) The one thing I've gone light on is YouTube links. Posting on Facebook, we each provided a YouTube link for every pick. These can take a while to load on a conventional site once you post enough of them, so I'm only going to embed links when absolutely necessary--cases where I discuss the accompanying video at length, or where major confusion would arise from not providing a video link. That'll still leave some minor confusion at times, over absent videos, direct reference to Scott's posts, or commentary that only makes sense within the context of the Facebook group. Geez, I explain a lot of stuff to no real purpose. facebook top 100 (part I)
facebook top 100 (part II)
facebook top 100 (part III)
facebook top 100 (part IV)

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