It May Be False, It May Be True

3361. Kym Mazelle: "Got to Get You Back" 12-inch 3362. MC Shy-D: "D.J. Man Cuts It Up" 12-inch 3363. Charlotte McKinnon: "Dance to the Rhythm" 12-inch 3364. Mean Machine: "At the Party" 12-inch 3365. Lisette Melendez: "A Day in My Life (Without You)" 12-inch 3366. Jillian Mendez: "Feel Like Making Love" 12-inch 3367. Metropolis featuring Jacqui Maxwell: "Leave Him" 12-inch 3368. Ministry: "All Day" 12-inch 3369. Miss Thang: "Thunder and Lightning" 12-inch 3370. Mr. Rhymes: "Stop Breakin" 12-inch 3371. Mitsou: "Deep Kiss" 12-inch 3372. Najee: "Feel So Good to Me" 12-inch 3373. Nasty Boys: "I Was Made for Lovin You" 12-inch 3374. Nayobe: "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait" 12-inch 3375. Phyllis Nelson: "I Like You" 12-inch 3376. Never....But Aways: "Never Enough" 12-inch 3377. Newcleus: "Destination Earth (1999)" 12-inch 3378. Nice & Wild: "Diamond Girl" 12-inch 3379. Nu Intensity: "Danger Love Dance (i...Ya!)" 12-inch 3380. Oaktown's 3𠾃: "We Like It" 12-inch 3381. Overmind: "Everybody Let's F**k" 12-inch 3382. Paige 3: "Baby It's U" 12-inch 3383. Paris Red: "Gotta Have It (From New York Straight to Paris)" 12-inch 3384. The Party: "Summer Vacation" 12-inch 3385. Peech Boys: "Don't Make Me Wait" 12-inch 3386. Pepsi & Shirlie: "Heartache" 12-inch 3387. Pierre Perpall: "J'aime la Musique, Party Down" 12-inch 3388. Pleasure and the Beast: "Roq the House" 12-inch 3389. Pop Will Eat Itself: "Def.Con One" 12-inch 3390. Princess: "Say I'm Your No. 1" 12-inch 3391. Princess Ivori: "Wanted" 12-inch Mixworthy: "Say I'm Your No. 1," Princess, #3390. Special "Honorary Mixworthy" Category: "Baby It's U," Paige 3, #3382. I guess I don't have to explain anymore why I disappear for a day or two from this-- I've been out clubbing with the 24-hour party people, cutting it up and rocking the house...Almost as long a list as the previous one, but I remembered right away that I liked the Princess record, so I didn't have to search around this time. There was a time when I found Ministry's "Everyday (Is Halloween)" (#3368's B-side) pleasingly inane, and I think the Peech Boys are held in the same regard (and come out of the same post-backlash moment) as Taana Gardner, but I don't have the initiative to check either one right now. Miss Thang's "Thunder and Lightning" was an answer record to Oran "Juice" Jones' "The Rain," which was somewhat of an answer record to the Dramat- ics' "In the Rain," which, even as the best of the three, is not in the first tier of my early-70s favourites. I used to have a hard time telling Nayobe and Najee and Nocera apart; I later bought a whole album by Nocera, so I now know who she is, but Nayobe and Najee remain of indeterminate gender...The A-side of Paige 3's "Baby It's U" was produced and mixed by Dave Newfeld, now Broken Social Scene's producer, but it was Dave's prot間, the reclusive turntablist behind the B-side's "Clubmix," whom I managed to track down one night at Toronto's Club Ecstasy and corral for an autograph: "To Phil D: Comin' at Ya! Keep Partyin! (I'm all out of clich閟). SMW." Clich or not, SMW's words have served as my mantra ever since. ________________________________________________________________________________ 3392. Fonda Rae: "Last Train to Clarksville" 12-inch 3393. Jackie Rawe: "I Believe in Dreams" 12-inch 3394. Razzamatazz: "Two Time Boy" 12-inch 3395. The Real Roxanne with Hitman Howie Tee: "Let's Go-Go" 12-inch 3396. Ren and Angela: "I'll Be Good" 12-inch 3397. Kim Richardson: "Peek-A-Boo" 12-inch 3398. Warren Rigg: "Didn't I Love You Right?" 12-inch 3399. R.J.'s Latest Arrival: "Off the Hook" 12-inch 3400. Safire: "Made Up My Mind" 12-inch 3401. Sandra: "Everlasting Love" 12-inch 3402. Mildred Scott: "Prisoner of Love" 12-inch 3403. Jon Secada: "Whipped" 12-inch 3404. Seduction: "Seduction" 12-inch 3405. Sequence: "Funk You Up" 12-inch 3406. Serious Intention: "Serious" 12-inch 3407. Shakespear's Sister: "Break My Heart" 12-inch 3408. Soupir: "Metal" 12-inch 3409. Lisa Stansfield: "All Around the World" 12-inch 3410. Stetsasonic: "Speaking of a Girl Named Suzy" 12-inch 3411. Strings of Love: "Nothing Has Been Proved" 12-inch 3412. Symbolic Three featuring D.J. Dr. Shock: "No Show" 12-inch Mixworthy: "Seduction (Club Mix)," Seduction, #3404; "Nothing Has Been Proved," Strings of Love, #3411. There's a quaint sticker on the cover of the Sandra record: "When You PLAY IT, SAY IT!" I guess that was a bone of contention between record companies and radio during the late '80s--can't say that I remember. The industry seems to have slightly bigger problems on its hands these days...I'd list Lisa Stansfield if I were stuck for a mixworthy pick, but I've got two easy ones this time. I made reference to the Seduc- tion song in the compilation section, so I'm glad to find out that I have it after all. The club mix is insanely pornographic, or at least as pornographic as mainstream late-80s dance-pop ever got; I think some students at my school may have discovered this site, so I've got to remind myself to be careful about what I quote, but there's a spoken intro that ends with a little munchkin named Latoya promising that "Dinner's at eight," and the rest is carried along by a bassline as hypnotic as the one in "Good Times." Cole and Clivilles produced, two years before they struck it rich with World B. Freedom and His Get Fresh Crew...I voted for "Nothing Has Been Proved" as my #1 reissue of 1993 in the yearly eye poll, which is pretty funny--my definition of a reissue (the category was discontinued a few years ago) was always all recorded music ever released prior to the year in question. The Strings of Love 12-inch came out in 1990, I bought it in 1993, therefore it counted as a reissue. Anyway, it's a disarm- ing and rather spooky record, one that, discovering it when I did (I knew, and liked, Dusty Springfield's 1988 original), seemed to speak directly to a series of scandals that were then gripping the public with an unprecedented intensity: Gennifer Flowers, Tonya Harding, Bob Packwood, Michael Jackson, and others, with O.J. just around the corner. Twelve years later, the Strings of Love sound as otherworldly and as secret- ive as ever, but the context is gone, saturated into the commonplace. ________________________________________________________________________________ 3413. Tamsin: "It's Easy" 12-inch 3414. Tapps: "In the Heat of the Night" 12-inch 3415. Troy Taylor: "The Way You Move" 12-inch 3416. Toddy Tee: "I Need a Rolex" 12-inch 3417. Todd Terry: "Check This Out" 12-inch 3418. Todd Terry: "Voices in My House" 12-inch 3419. Evelyn Thomas: "Sorry, Wrong Number" 12-inch 3420. Tone-Lōc: "Wild Thing" 12-inch 3421. Miss Nicky Trax: "Baby, It's Allright Now" 12-inch 3422. Two Minds Crack: "Cry Cry Cry" 12-inch 3423. Tyree: "Lonely (No More)" 12-inch 3424. Ultimate III: "Ultimate III Live!" 12-inch 3425. Ultra Nat: "Is It Love?" 12-inch 3426. "V" Project featuring K.O. and the Extra Specials: "Black Jack" 12-inch 3427. Vivien Vee: "Everybody (Respect to Me)" 12-inch 3428. Vicious Rumor Club: "Yeah, Yeah That's It (Rumor Rap)" 12-inch 3429. Joy Vogel: "Beat Box" 12-inch 3430. Voices of 6th Avenue: "Call Him Up" 12-inch 3431. Crystal Waters: "Makin' Happy" 12-inch 3432. Westbam: "Monkey Say Monkey Do" 12-inch 3433. West Street Mob: "I Can't Stop" 12-inch 3434. Wild: "Sex Junkie" 12-inch 3435. James (D-Train) Williams: "Misunderstanding" 12-inch 3436. World Famous Supreme Team: "Hey D.J." 12-inch 3437. Don X: "Dance With Me" 12-inch 3438. Yoyo Honey: "Groove On" 12-inch 3439. Zoo Experience featuring Destry: "Love's Got a Hold on Me" 12-inch Mixworthy: "Hey D.J.," World Famous Supreme Team, #3436. I used to like "Hey D.J." a lot, something I'm not going to put to the test here. If it fails, I got nothin'...There's one clear misfiling in this group, and potentially two more. If I'm reading the Todd Terry records correctly, the credited artist is Hardhouse, even though it's Terry who's first-billed on the sticker affixed to #3418. (Todd Terry, by the way, is not the first person I think of when I hear the name Todd, and neither is Todd Rundgren, Todd Stottlemyre, Toddy Tee, or Derek Todd from my high school. Todd forever means Bill Murray's SNL character, one of the forgotten pioneers of new wave.) More awkward is the Tone-Lōc record, which is fine alphabetically, but which breaks my rule of not splitting up an artist's work: either somebody's in the 12-inch section, or his 12-inches get filed alongside his albums. I think there are a few instances where, even though I own one or two 12-inches by somebody and no LPs, I still file in the album section because it's a song or an artist I know sufficient- ly well that if I ever want to retrieve it, I'll know where to look (as opposed to the Zoo Experience, who would disappear forever if I filed them in with the albums). Does that make sense? Good, it makes sense to me too. I see now that I've got Tone- Lōc in both places, though. What obviously happened is that I bought "Wild Thing" and, because I failed to forsee that Tone was at heart an album artist, I forgot to reunite 12-inch with LP when I later bought L鬰-ed After Dark. I thought of doing a one-to-one switch with a lone 12-inch in the vicinity of L鬰-ed, but there's nothing close. I'd have to backpeddle 750+ records and renumber from there to fix the prob- lem. The fact that I can supply that number tells you how obsessive I can get about such idiocy. This is one time where the exigencies of time and labour will thankful- ly keep me safe from myself, though...I haven't figured out yet how to approach the couple of hundred classical records up next. If you don't hear from me for a few months, I've enrolled at Julliard and will resume as soon as I'm thoroughly schooled in the Western Canon. If I can think of a couple of good Mozart jokes, I'll be back sooner.

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