Phil - 

In regards to 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE, I do agree that "She's Lost Control"
would have gained in power just from HEARING the thing better, but I
otherwise thought that particular scene seemed so emotionally right and
free of the idiocies and myth-making nonsense you would normally get in
a scene of that type. I love the way Curtis at first squirms over the
sound of it (presumably over the sound of his own voice)--comparing it
disdainfully to Bowie--but how he's eventually convinced, based largely
on how everyone else (especially Wilson's wife) responds. 

Of course I agree with you about Happy Mondays--I understand the "impor-
tance" of rave culture and all that, don't really care for any of it--but
I thought that part of the movie was loose and enjoyable enough on its
own terms (though the inevitable drug slide was dull): it could've been
about the Committments for all I cared. And I wish I knew the cue line
so I could quote it back to you, but the biggest laugh in the movie for
me was when Wilson was trying to explain to the competing label owner
about how serious the Mondays were, at which point there was a brief cut
to them walking down the street imitating chickens or something. It was
fast and maybe kind of obvious, but I thought it captured something.