The Greedy Murmur of Little Men

Another Facebook countdown, this time my 50 favourite movies. I counted them down earlier this year alongside Steven Rubio and Jeff Pike in a group named "If They Move, Kill 'Em! Steven, Jeff & Phil Count Down Their Favorite Films." The name was provided by Steven, in honour of some Dolph Lundgren film, I believe. Same disclaimer as the song countdown: there are references here and there to group comments, or to something that Steven or Jeff wrote, that won't necessarily make sense removed from the context of the group. My entries for each film tend to be much longer than on the song countdown--at a certain point, they start to run 700-800 words per film--so I'll break my list into three parts. facebook top 50 (#50-31)
facebook top 50 (#30-16)
facebook top 50 (#15-1)
letterboxd version

other pieces