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It seems redundant at this point--Iíve already posted on Facebook and ILX--but I should make note here of the book I just self-published, Interrupting My Train of Thought. It collects stuff from here, various Ď90s fanzines, Nerve, year-end ballots, Facebook countdowns,, the Voice, Cinemascope, and elsewhere. Originally I was aiming to keep it around 350 pages, but because of a formatting error (I initially had the margins set incorrectly) and publishing costs that ended up being much less than I expected, it runs around 450 pages. Iím glad--itís a one-time thing, so may as well get as much in there as possible. Scott Woods and Tim Powis (editing), Karen Watts (cover art), Vaughn Dragland (layout), and Rob Sheffield (foreword) all helped make the book exactly what Iíd hoped it would be. You can buy it three different ways: CreateSpace Store Lulu Amazon The first is the best for me; the second may not be available for another couple of weeks; the third is actually the cheapest, but Jeff Bezos keeps all the money. Two other links: A fantastic website set up by Scott; A Grooveshark playlist, with almost 150 songs that turn up in the book.
(Interrupting My Train of Thought deathwatch: 32 copies sold.)

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